Norway opening 2 offshore wind areas with 4.5-GW potential

15/06/2020 10:39 Wind


The Norwegian government today announced it will be opening two areas for offshore renewables that provide the opportunity to develop a combined 4,500 MW of wind power.

The move comes following a public consultation that took place last year.


Interested parties can now submit licence applications for the areas of "Utsira Nord", located to the west of Haugesund, and "Sorlige Nordsjo II", bordering the Danish portion of the North Sea. Sandskallen-Soroya Nord, on the other hand, will not be opened because of robust resistance from the fisheries associations and others.


According to the announcement, Utsira Nord spans 1,010 square kilometres and is suitable for both demo and larger projects, while the 2,591-sq-km Sorlige Nordsjo II can accommodate bottom-fixed wind parks and possibly floating solutions.


The areas will open at the very start of 2021.


“In the immediate future the market will be in other countries, but if the costs for offshore wind power continues to fall it could also become competitive in Norway. It is now time to prepare for the future development by allocating space for offshore renewables,” commented Tina Bru, Minister for Petroleum and Energy.


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