Novatek $4.8 bln Yamal LNG fleet complete. Yakov Gakkel expected to load next week

03/12/2019 09:33 LNG


Russia’s largest independent natural gas producer and LNG exporting player, Novatek has completed the $4.8 billion, 15-vessel strong fleet of Arc7 liquefied natural gas carriers set to serve its giant Yamal LNG project in the Arctic.

The Yamal project is currently operating with 14 Arc7 LNG carriers while the 15th tanker, the 172,000-cbm Yakov Gakkel “is at Sabetta currently waiting to load its first cargo, which is expected next week,” Novatek’s finance chief Mark Gyetvay told LNG World News on Monday at the sidelines of the Budapest LNG Summit.


He noted that the imminent loading by Yakov Gakkel is in line with the company’s goal to have the full fleet delivered and in operation before the end of the year.


To remind, the Yamal LNG facility has shot past its annual nameplate production capacity during the first 11 months of the year going above the 16.5 million tons mark.


The facility produced a total of 25 million tons of LNG since it started up the first train in December of 2017 and has loaded over 340 cargoes.


Daily (18.09.2020): European carbon prices fell by more than 5% on Thursday due to stronger selling

18/09/2020 14:15:00

Oil prices rose for the third consecutive day on Thursday, following OPEC’s meeting which had a positive influence on market. However, oil market is still kept under pressure, due to higher supply and flagging demand. Hence, Brent crude soared by nearly 2.6% to $43.30 a barrel. While the American WTI crude gained 2% to settle at $40.97 a barrel.


Nuclear essential to hydrogen future

18/09/2020 08:50:00

Untapped options for clean hydrogen - including the use of advanced modular reactors - can put the world back on the pathway to meeting the Paris climate goals, according to a new report from energy research and consultancy firm LucidCatalyst. The report says the clean energy transition from oil to hydrogen-based fuels could be achieved with a global investment of USD17 trillion, spent over 30 years from 2020 to 2050.


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Trade body calls on EU to enable projects that connect into multiple power markets