Offshore wind in 'record' 5.2GW global surge

21/02/2020 09:31 Wind


Last year set a new record for offshore wind installations with 5.2GW of capacity entering into operations globally, according to a new report by World Forum Offshore Wind (WFO).

The 2019 figure marks a 24% growth on 2018 and means 27.2GW of offshore wind was installed worldwide at the end of last year.


Some 16 new wind farms entered operations last year across China, the UK, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Taiwan.


The UK retains its crown as the world’s biggest market, with 9.7GW of all installed capacity. Germany follows with 7.5GW, but China is hot on the both countries' heels thanks to a rapidly growing industry which swelled to reach 4.9GW of installed capacity by the end of the year.


China currently has a further 3.7GW of projects under construction.


The report said that disruption in the German offshore market caused by regulatory framework changes was reflected by its fairly low total of 220MW currently under construction.


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