Poland: Baltic Pipe gas project to become operational by 2022

15/03/2017 11:13 Natural Gas


Poland's state-run oil and gas firm PGNiG is convinced that a new pipeline system to import gas from Norway via Denmark and the Baltic Sea will be ready by 2022.

The gas link, called Baltic Pipe project, is designed to reduce Polish gas dependence on gas supplies from Russian gas giant Gazprom.


Poland consumes around 16 bcm of gas annually and PGNiG would like to replace gas imports from Gazprom with gas from Norway and liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies.


PGNiG is expected to have an important role. The company currently extracts around 0.5 billion cubic metres a year in Norway, and plans to raise this to 2-2.5 billion cubic metres by 2022.


An LNG terminal was inaugurated earlier this year, allowing Poland to import gas from Qatar.


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