Romania’s pit coal reserves are enough for 104 years but their exploitation is economically inefficient

21/09/2018 08:25 Coal


Romania’s pit coal resources would be sufficient for 104 years, but their exploitation is impossible, being economically inefficient, so that four of the five groups in Deva will be closed down, show the draft of Romania’s Energy Strategy 2018 – 2030.

”The known pit coal resources in Romania are 232 million tons (85 million toe (tons of oil equivalent)) out of which 83 million tons (30 million toe) permits are leased. The exploitation of this primary energy resource is conditioned by the economic feasibility of the exploitation, ”according to the document.


The average calorific value of the pit coal exploited in Romania is 3,650 kcal/kg.


The need for coal for the production of electric and thermal energy will be ensured by the production of the Vulcan and Livezeni mines, complemented by the necessary import, until the reconfiguration of the non-profitable thermal energy capacities from the coal on another more efficient primary energy resource.


”The coal reserves in Romania are impossible to exploit under conditions of economic efficiency, which makes it impossible to build new groups instead of the withdrawn ones, ” the authors of the project said.


The 2018-2030 Energy Strategy of Romania, with the prospect of 2050, was launched Thursday in a public debate. The document will then be approved by Government Decision, according to Law 123/2012, the framework law of the energy sector.


Zimbabwe hikes average electricity tariff by 320% - energy regulator

09/10/2019 13:25:00

Zimbabwe has increased the average electricity tariff by 320% to let the state power utility ramp up production and improve supplies at a time of daily rolling power cuts, the national energy regulator said on Wednesday.


Daily (09.10.2019): European carbon prices reached EUR 23 a tonne on Tuesday, on worries over Brexit negotiations

09/10/2019 10:50:00

Crude oil prices traded lower on Tuesday, after Donald Trump reported that a quick trade deal will unlikely happen soon. Meanwhile, oil prices were supported by protests in OPEC members Iraq and Ecuador, which threatened to disrupt their oil output. Hence, WTI futures fell by 0.2% to $52.63 a barrel, while Brent crude edged 0.2% down at $58.24 a barrel.


Ukraine to export natural gas to Moldova without Gazprom's involvement

09/10/2019 09:28:00

The Cabinet of Ministers has instructed NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine to take measures to ensure natural gas exports to Moldova without the involvement of Russia's Gazprom.