Romanian companies will pay higher prices for natural gas

02/07/2019 09:11 Natural Gas


The price of domestic natural gas traded on the local exchange in May averaged RON 101.2 (EUR 42) per MWh, a historical record for Romanian gas, according to data from the Romanian Commodities Exchange consulted by Agerpres.

Furthermore, the market price in May was some 20% above the price of the gas traded in Austria, compared to 20% below the price of the Austrian gas one year earlier.


The rising gas prices on the Romanian market followed the Government capping the price of the natural gas produced locally and sold to households, under emergency ordinance (OUG) 114/2018 (revised this year). Initially, the Government capped prices for both residential and industrial users, but later (in March) the OUG was amended, and the industrial users have to pay the market price.


Thus, the price of Romanian gas increased from an average of RON 79 per MWh in 2018 to RON 92 per MWh in January and RON 90 per MWh in February and March. Then the price went up to RON 95.9 per MWh in April after OUG 114 was revised and to RON 101.2 per MWh in May.


Daily (12.09.2019): WTI crude lost almost 3% on Wednesday, on news that U.S. might ease sanctions on Iran

12/09/2019 11:31:00

Crude oil prices declined on Wednesday, as U.S. administration could ease sanctions against Iran, thereby inflate global supplies. At the same time, both OPEC and EIA slashed demand forecasts this week. Consequently, WTI crude dropped by 2.9% to $55.75 a barrel, while Brent oil decreased by 2.5% to $60.81 a barrel.


Poland's energy minister says power prices must stay under control

12/09/2019 08:52:00

Poland’s energy minister, Krzysztof Tchorzewski, said on Wednesday that the country would have to maintain controls on electricity prices to secure economic competitiveness.


UK Dechra's Croatian unit opens 1.5 mln euro solar power plant

12/09/2019 08:48:00

Croatian drug maker Genera, a subsidiary of UK veterinary pharmaceuticals firm Dechra, has officially opened a 1.3 million British pounds (1.5 million euro) solar power plant which will meet a third of the electricity needs of its manufacturing facility in Zagreb, Dechra said on Wednesday.