Russia and China against sanctions to Syria over its nuclear programme

10/06/2011 00:18 Electricity Market


Syria’s international reputation suffered on Thursday after the United Nations nuclear watchdog voted to report the country to the Security Council, accusing Syria of a covert nuclear reactor construction and its unwillingness to cooperate with investigators.

But while the board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency showed their strong concerns over Syria’s nuclear programme, Russia and China voted against pursuing Syria over its assumed secret nuclear regime. As Russia and China have veto rights in the Security Council, they could impede any further action initiated in New York. The 35-nation IAEA board voted in favor of referring Syria to the Security Council, blaming that Syria built a secret nuclear reactor at a site called Dair Alzour, based on uranium traces found there. Syria denies the harboring of a nuclear weapon at the Dair Alzour site. As the resolution already has support from France, UK, Germany and Portugal, the discussions at the UN will continue over the next few days.

Daily (01.04.2020): WTI crude rebounded by about 2% on Tuesday, but outlook remains gloomy

01/04/2020 10:58:00

Oil futures evolved differently on Tuesday, with Brent crude edging lower at $22.74 a barrel, but showed some signs of improvement in early trading after U.S. President Donald Trump and its Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin agreed to talks on stabilizing energy markets. Meanwhile, U.S. WTI crude rose by 1.9% to settle at 20.48 a barrel.


Turkey's Energy Exchange hits record in spot gas trade

01/04/2020 10:53:00

Turkey's Energy Exchange Istanbul (EXIST) trade volume in spot natural gas market hit Monday a record high for 2020, EXIST data showed on Tuesday.


Covid-19 crash to speed green shift for oil firms – analysts

01/04/2020 10:50:00

The coronavirus outbreak and accompanying oil price crash – which have seen levels slump to near two-decade lows this week – will hasten a green transition among oil and gas majors, analysts told Montel.