Russia will cut gas supplies to Belarus by 85 %

21/06/2010 10:28 Natural Gas


Russian gas giant Gazprom declared on June 18 that they are ready to cut the gas supplies to their Belarus partner Beltransgaz if they fail to pay off their debt by June 21st.

The news was officially released by Gazprom officials, and comes just after the warning made by the president of the Russian Federation, Dmitri Medvedev, concerning the fact that Belarusian side 5 days to eliminate their debt of 200 million dollars due to Gazprom. The Gazprom officials declared that Belarus side is neglecting its obligations, breaking the contract rules. The debt was a consequence of the fact that Belarusian side decided to pay for gas according to last year tariffs. The gas contract for Belarus does not contain any reference to the dynamics of prices on the Russian market, prices that are actually higher than prices for Belarus, according to Gazprom. The international community considers that Russia uses its energy resources as political instruments.

Daily (08.07.2020): German and French spot electricity prices at their highest levels since the end of January amid lower renewables output and nuclear availability

08/07/2020 11:15:00

Crude oil futures were little changed on Tuesday as an apparent optimism that U.S. crude inventories will decline this week was overshadowed by the surge in coronavirus cases in parts of the world which continued to pressure prospects for energy demand. Hence, Brent crude for September delivery steadied at $43.08 a barrel, while the U.S. WTI crude stagnated at $40.62 a barrel.


Denmark allows Nord Stream 2 to complete pipeline hit by US sanctions

08/07/2020 09:36:00

By allowing the usage of anchored vessels, the permit gives Nord Stream 2 more freedom of choice of Russian pipelaying vessels it can use for finalising construction


Simply Blue seeks to survey area for up to 1-GW Celtic Sea wind farm

08/07/2020 09:32:00

Simply Blue Energy is seeking permission to conduct survey activities near the Kinsale gas platform in the Celtic Sea for a potential offshore wind project of 988 MW that will be using the Windfloat platform.