Spain’s new solar capacity grows 94% in 2018

06/02/2019 08:12 Solar


Spain saw 261.7 MW of new photovoltaic (PV) capacity installed in 2018, almost double the 135 MW added a year earlier, according to data presented by Spanish PV association UNEF on Tuesday.

The 94% jump is owed mostly to the rise in self-consumption installations, which accounted for 235.7 MW or 90% of the new capacity last year. This reflects efforts in Spain to remove barriers hampering the growth of self-consumption solar, and the increased competitiveness of the PV industry, among others.


Nevertheless, Spain’s share is only 3% of the 8.5 GW of estimated new capacity installed in Europe in 2018, Unef said, citing Germany and the Netherlands as leaders in PV development.


The association also expressed approval of the government’s recent draft bill for self-consumption that is now in the public consultation phase. While some aspects of the draft bill need improvement, Unef finds that recognising the right to shared self-consumption in a country where most people live in multi-dwelling buildings is a step in the right direction.


Daily (18.09.2020): European carbon prices fell by more than 5% on Thursday due to stronger selling

18/09/2020 14:15:00

Oil prices rose for the third consecutive day on Thursday, following OPEC’s meeting which had a positive influence on market. However, oil market is still kept under pressure, due to higher supply and flagging demand. Hence, Brent crude soared by nearly 2.6% to $43.30 a barrel. While the American WTI crude gained 2% to settle at $40.97 a barrel.


Nuclear essential to hydrogen future

18/09/2020 08:50:00

Untapped options for clean hydrogen - including the use of advanced modular reactors - can put the world back on the pathway to meeting the Paris climate goals, according to a new report from energy research and consultancy firm LucidCatalyst. The report says the clean energy transition from oil to hydrogen-based fuels could be achieved with a global investment of USD17 trillion, spent over 30 years from 2020 to 2050.


WindEurope seeks clear policy for offshore hybrids

18/09/2020 08:44:00

Trade body calls on EU to enable projects that connect into multiple power markets