TGC Renewables debuts plans for new solar farm in Cambridgeshire

07/03/2013 13:33 Renewable


TGC Renewables, an independent renewable energy project developer, has applied for planning permission for its proposed 13MW solar park in Cambridgeshire, England. The proposed solar farm will see 58 hectares of low-grade agricultural land in the South West of Cambridge holding up to 55,000 PV modules, which will be enough to power about 3,300 homes, while also giving the farm a guaranteed rental income for the next 25 years.

Rob Denman, director of TGC Renewables, said the solar development is still attractive to investors and land owners, despite the government's recent cuts to solar farm subsidies. The potential solar park is the latest in a long line of >5MW solar parks that are being developed under the Renewable Obligation (RO) scheme, which will see the eligible rate for solar drop from 2ROCs to 1.6ROCs on April 2013. The project could create more energy jobs.

Daily (04.03.2021): Growing volumes of LNG supply pushed British gas prices lower on Wednesday

04/03/2021 10:27:00

Oil prices surged on Wednesday, supported by decreasing gasoline reserves in the United States and anticipation for the OPEC+ summit on Thursday. As such, Brent oil increased by 2.2% to $64.07 a barrel and WTI crude soared by 2.6% to $61.28 a barrel.


UK's hydrogen future could involve both blue and green pathways

04/03/2021 08:45:00

The UK's hydrogen future could involve a mix of both blue and green production pathways, but it needs to get started or risk falling behind, panelists said March 3.


China ‘installed half of new global offshore wind capacity in 2020’

04/03/2021 08:43:00

China accounted for half of all new global offshore wind capacity in 2020.