Thames Water delivered 450 kW solar panels to British desalination plant

09/08/2011 12:44 Renewable


Thames Water, has commissioned 450 KW arrays of solar panels at its water desalination plant (Beckton), as a part of Britain’s biggest on-site solar power producer and industrial user situated on 150,000 m³/d area. According to the 25-year contract and worth £7 million, Ennoviga Solar Ltd, has created an investment company that will own and maintain the solar park, and will recover its investments by selling the green power produced to the water company.

The Beckton desalination plant will produce 385 MWh/year on average, while 150 kW arrays installed above ancient storm tanks at Crossness sewage works and redundant sand filters at Walton water treatment works will each produce 133 MWh/year on average, enough to supply 140 average-sized homes. Crossness and Walton, part of the biggest on-site solar park, will eventually be expanded to 1,700 MWh per year and 3,000 MWh per year respectively. Thames Water has set a target of cutting its greenhouse emissions by 20% in real-terms on 1990 levels by 2015.

Daily (24.02.2021): Oil prices stable after record highs, but general bullish sentiment is surrounding the market

24/02/2021 09:21:00

Crude oil prices diverged on Tuesday, but ended rather flat after hitting fresh 2021 highs amid a lack of major events to impact the oil sellers. Hence, Brent crude added 0.2% to settle at $65.37 a barrel, buoyed by signs that global coronavirus restrictions were being eased. Meanwhile, U.S. WTI crude steadied at $61.67 a barrel amid uncertainty about the return of Texas crude production and concerns about the pace of a U.S. economic recovery.


Oil products caught between Covid and green push

24/02/2021 08:51:00

Most forecasts for products demand and prices have been steadily revised upwards as vaccination programmes have got underway and this has created positive market sentiment, Argus' global head of oil products Stephen Jones told the forum held today during the IP Week conference. But, any actual demand recovery will depend on how quickly governments lift lockdown measures. One major unknown is how well the vaccines will deal with new variants of Covid-19.


EU says it does not need Nord Stream 2, but only Germany can block it

24/02/2021 08:42:00

The European Union does not need the Nord Stream 2 pipeline for its energy security but any decision to stop the project carrying Russian natural gas to Germany would have to come from Berlin, a senior European Commission official said on Tuesday.