The power capacity in Germany expected to increase by 12.3%

15/06/2010 10:14 Electricity Market


Power producers and transmission companies reported to energy exchange EEX that German power plant availability is expected to increase by 12.3% to 60,894 megawatts (MW) in the week to June 18, according to data from the bourse published on Friday.

The transparency policy at EEX has changed in the beginning of this year, and it comprises data from German grid operators, producers, small plants below 100 MW, as well as live output forecasts. The main purpose of the bourse is to include as well data from Austrian operators, who did not adhere to the new initiative at first, but they were implicated in the previous model. At first, eight companies were sending data, but now the number of the societies grew to 13, and still there are some other 14 which are preparing to join. The most recent data have shown that operators of brown coal-fired capacity will add next week 2,620 MW of available capacity, while operators of hard coal-fired will add 1,875 MW and those of gas-fired installations 845 MW. Oil-fired available capacity is expected to increase by 162 MW, while nuclear will remain stable in the following days. Operators of pumped storage hydroelectric capacity intend to raise it by 1,179 MW to 4,748 MW.

Daily (11.11.2019): NBP spot jumped by 7.2% on Friday due to colder weather

11/11/2019 11:08:00

Oil prices inched up on Friday despite U.S President Donald Trump not agreeing to decrease tariffs on China, but still accepting a potential deal to be struck by the end of the month. Hence, Brent crude traded 0.4% higher at $62.51 a barrel. WTI futures edged 0.2% higher at $57.24 a barrel.


Aker BP plans early startup at Norway's Aerfugl gas field

11/11/2019 10:19:00

Oil and gas firm Aker BP will accelerate the startup of production from Norway’s Aerfugl natural gas field, the company said on Monday.


Olkiluoto EPR start-up delayed by final checks

11/11/2019 10:17:00

Areva-Siemens has told TVO the final verification of the mechanical, electrical and the instrumentation and control (I&C) systems has to be done carefully and to a high standard.