Ukraine’s Ukrtransgaz to offer annual storage capacity

14/12/2020 09:01 Natural Gas


Ukraine's Ukrtransgaz will offer in February gas storage capacity with guaranteed injection and withdrawal capacity for up to four storage years starting from 1 April 2021.

Interested parties that have signed a storage agreement with Ukrtransgaz can apply for the capacity on 1-15 February 2021.


Firms can book storage space of 1,000m³ or higher. Ukrtransgaz will make no more than 90pc of its unbooked storage capacity available and reserve at least 10pc for booking on a monthly or daily basis. If total demand for the offered space exceeds available capacity, customers will receive capacity in proportion with their requested volumes.


The storage operator expects strong interest from market players, including non-resident firms, Ukrtransgaz's acting chief executive Sergiy Pereloma told Argus. Non-residents held 9bn m³ of gas under Ukraine's customs-free storage regime as of 1 December, out of 10bn m³ under the programme in total. Aggregate stocks were about 25.5bn m³ yesterday morning, out of nameplate capacity of about 31bn m³ .


Storage space costs 0.19 hryvnia/'000m³ per day — equivalent to about €0.193/MWh per storage year. Injection capacity costs HRN110.16/'000m³ and withdrawal capacity costs HRN63.41/'000m³ — about €0.31/MWh and €0.18/MWh, respectively. Ukrtransgaz applies a multiplier of 1.1 for monthly storage space, injection and withdrawal capacity bookings and a multiplier of 1.2 for day-ahead bookings.


Capacity booked on a monthly or daily basis is not guaranteed.


Ukrtransgaz had to reject some nominated injections  in August as injection demand strained capacity. The firm expects maximum withdrawal capacity to be 160mn m³/d this winter. This would be more than enough to meet even the highest single-day stockdraw in recent years. But available capacity will fall as stocks decline.

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