Ukraine to install first grid battery

24/07/2020 09:55 Electricity Market


1MW/1.5 megawatt-hour lithium ion storage system will be commissioned in 2021

Ukraine energy company DTEK is working with Honeywell to implement the country’s first utility-scale battery storage pilot.


The 1MW/1.5 megawatt-hour lithium ion battery will be installed at DTEK’s Zaporizhzhya power plant.


The system will be installed and commissioned during 2020 and 2021.

The battery storage system, based on Honeywell’s Experion platform, will support the integration of renewables into Ukraine’s power grid and provide system flexibility, paving the way for Ukraine to join the ENTSO-E group of transmission system operators in Europe.


DTEK chief innovation officer Emanuele Volpe said: “The future of energy is focused on the transition from a centralised energy system to one that is decentralised and flexible, with an increasing focus on the provision of energy from multiple sources, including renewables.


“DTEK is the driving force behind changes that will determine the future of Ukraine’s energy sector, and this agreement with Honeywell exemplifies our commitment to leading the way on this national objective.”


Honeywell will supply DTEK with a battery energy storage system, along with its software controls to help optimise how the asset is dispatched.


The system’s batteries will function as operating reserves that manage frequency fluctuations on the grid, charging up during off-peak times and discharging when energy demand and electricity costs increase, known as arbitrage.

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