Vestas request more than top 500 companies to invest in Wind

17/11/2011 13:43 Renewable


Renewable energy is gaining ground and becomes more affordable due to its competitive costs. Through a new marketing strategy, Vestas, a Danish wind turbine manufacturer, aspires to connect with over 500 energy companies by sending personalized InMail, through LinkedIn, a business-related social networking site. The InMail will express the financial and brand building benefits of investing in renewable energy and mainly in wind power.

Earlier this year, Vestas released its Global Consumer Wind Study 2011 which revealed that 79 % of the total number of surveyed companies showed a positive viewpoint toward wind energy. Among different companies, PepsiCo, Deutsche Bank, Microsoft and Starbucks were invited to join to support wind energy proliferation. In spite of the uncertainty in the macro-economic and financial markets, Vestas still expects to enter into new energy markets around the world. The company has already installed over 43,000 wind turbines in 66 countries on six continents.

Daily (04.12.2019): Carbon price plummets to a two-week low on Tuesday amid a weak energy complex

04/12/2019 10:47:00

Crude oil prices ended on a mixed note on Tuesday, with Brent hitting its lowest level since Oct.21, while WTI prices increased for a second consecutive session. Brent decreased by 10 cents, or 0.2% to end at $60.82 a barrel, following comments from the U.S. President Trump that a trade deal with China might be delayed, feeding uncertainty over demand. WTI rose by 14 cents, or 0.3%, to close at $56.10 a barrel, extending the 1.4% gain registered on Monday.


Albania, Kosovo agree to set up common energy market

04/12/2019 09:05:00

Kosovo’s power transmission system operator KOSTT said it has signed an agreement with its Albanian peer OST to set up a common energy market of the two neighboring countries.


Edison to build 760MW gas-fired thermoelectric power plant in Italy

04/12/2019 09:00:00

Italy’s Edison is planning to build 760MW natural gas-powered thermoelectric power plant in Presenzano in the province of Caserta, with an investment of €370m ($408m).