Wind energy industry to grow considerably in the next years to come

29/08/2013 10:17


Wind energy market is set to grow significantly as it is expected a major demand in Asian market. Recently, Siemens, a major wind turbine maker said that wind energy market is going to quadruple by 2030.

According to Markus Tacke, chief executive of the German group’s wind power division, the installed capacity worldwide is set to raise to 1,107 GW in 2030, in comparison to 273 GW registered last year. The huge increase is going to come from Asia, as it is expected that by 2030 it could obtain 50% of its energy from wind, while currently it is getting about 34%. Each year between 2006 and 2011 China has doubled its wind capacity and it is expected that it will continue to grow in the next years to come. In 2012, wind energy became the third-largest source of energy in China behind coal and hydropower. This year, China intends to put into its grid more renewable energy than the entire generating capacity of Turkey as the Chinese government has announced at the beginning of this year that it intends to install 49,000 MW of solar, wind and hydroelectric power. China’s home-based wind companies control the domestic market, nevertheless General Electric, the US’ largest wind turbine producer, set up a joint venture in China in 2010. Vestas, the Danish wind giant, also controls factories in China. Meanwhile, the European wind market is set to contract in the next 2 years to come as many governments of the European Union have reduced subsidies for renewable energy as they afford a stagnation of the economies.

Centrica trumpets distributed energy

15/10/2018 08:59:00

Distributed energy, including onsite generation and storage, could deliver potential carbon dioxide emission savings of 137 million tonnes by 2030 in the UK, according to a new report by Centrica.


Total SA in talks to buy 50% stake in Adani's LNG, city gas projects

15/10/2018 08:50:00

French energy giant Total SA is in talks to buy up to half of Adani Group's stake in LNG projects in Gujarat and Odisha, an under-construction LPG import facility and in its city gas projects, sources privy to the development said.


Daily (12.10.2018): NBP spot price plummeted by almost 9% on Thursday, due to an oversupplied system

12/10/2018 11:24:00

Oil crude prices ended lower on Thursday, following a drop in global stock markets, as the Dow Jones took its biggest plunge since February on Wednesday. Moreover, the investor sentiment was affected by an industry report, which revealed an unexpected rise in U.S. crude oil supply. Consequently, the WTI crude closed 3% down at $70.97 a barrel, while Brent oil fell by 3.4% to $80.26 a barrel.