Wind tender in Germany awards just 37.4% of 500-MW target

11/09/2019 08:29 Wind


Another onshore wind tender in Germany ended with no real competition, awarding just 187 MW of capacity at the ceiling price of EUR 62 (USD 68.4m) per MWh, Germany’s Federal Network Agency announced today.

The 500-MW tender was again undersubscribed and there is little hope the next one, scheduled for October 1, will attract significant interest.


WindPower Europe recently urged Germany to take measures to address the hurdles onshore wind is facing. A major one is the slower and more complex permitting process. In addition, many greenlit projects are stuck due to legal disputes. This leads to undersubscribed auctions as the number of eligible projects able to bid is too low.


The September auctions ended with 22 successful bids. North Rhine-Westphalia won four with a combined capacity of 64.2 MW. Six more, of 30.2 MW in total, went to Schleswig-Holstein.


Germany is expected to install less than 1.5 GW of onshore wind in 2019, down from an annual average of 4.3 GW over the last five years.


Daily (17.09.2019): Oil prices jumped by nearly 15% following the attacks on Saudi oil facilities

17/09/2019 11:00:00

Crude oil prices posted its biggest daily gain in over 30 years, following the attack on Aramco crude facilities which led to a in cut Saudi Arabia’s production and intensified concerns of retaliation in the Middle East. According to the news, Aramco may take months to resume normal output volumes. As a result, Brent crude surged by 14.7% to $69.02 a barrel, while WTI futures hiked by 14.6% to $62.90 a barrel.


Belgian capacity market will lead to oversupply – Anode

17/09/2019 09:25:00

Belgium’s plans to launch a capacity market could lead to an oversupplied system, which will hurt profitability for new and existing power plants, said Anode Energie portfolio manager Kris Voorspools.


Ofgem gives conditional nod to 220-MW Scottish interconnector plan

17/09/2019 09:19:00

UK energy regulator Ofgem said today it has given the thumbs-up to the construction of a 220-MW high-voltage transmission line that will connect the Orkney Islands with the Scottish mainland.