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Prophet Solution - Forecast Energy Future

Use the most advanced artificial intelligence system on the market to make accurate predictions of Energy Market Prices all over the world. Energy market price forecasts are selected and shown in four detailed charts: daily, weekly, yearly, and trends. They give precise recommendations regarding procurement/selling planning for the upcoming period.

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Say hello to redesigned Energy Market Price webpage and solutions. We provide custom energy IT services for energy: industries, consultants, and suppliers. Let's Rock this energy world together

Corporate Power Purchase Agreement Solution - EMP

Energy Market Price presents the next great solution: a unique technology to run your own platform to manage Power Purchase Agreements, provided in a white label format. You run the show, we support the technology.

Energy Market Price Real Story

Energy Market Price provides software solutions for energy companies from all other the world. In this video, Desmond Williams, an energy consultant from South Africa shares his working experience with EMP.