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• Power and Gas Supply Contracts
• Risk Management

• Communication

• Engagement

Customer Page Solution

Helping you better manage
Business Customer:

Customer Page

Communication Channel

Innovation Driven Customer Experience

The Solution

Dramatically Improved Internal Efficiency 

Build energy market reports (Energy Cockpit), link them to clients added in the system and let our cloud solution do the rest.

✔  Always up to date energy market prices 

✔  Personalized market indexes and formulas

✔  Energy Contract and portfolio data support 
     (Hedge Reporting module)

✔  Own content and news

✔  Automated updates

✔  Automated sending

Creating customer reports, managing and sending them out shouldn't be so time consuming

Personalize and Automate Reporting


By gaining near real time insights on customer activity with our tracking and analytics tool, account managers can promptly respond to customer behavior trends and engage with them, reducing sales operational costs and increasing engagement.

Managing customer reports and contracts in the back end is easier with the Customer Page solution, however, do you know what's happening on the other side of the road?

Outstanding Customer Behavior Analytics

Learn more about your customers

You can't manage
what you can't measure

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