As a business energy consultant, you care about the success of your clients. But without the right tools in place, delivering on your promises can be very challenging.

EnergyMarketPrice for Energy Consultants

Trusted by consultants all over the world:

Manage your energy supply contracts

A better way to manage your client's energy procurement with enhanced capabilities.

Evaluate the positions against key figures, such as forecasted budgets, open and fixed volumes, performance against the energy market.

Position Tracking

Key Numbers

Full visibility on the positions purchased and market trades impacting each site or contract, always available to your customer with the latest data.

Get instant insights into your customers' behavior with built-in analytics tools

Comprehensive Dashboard

See a snapshot of your client's activity across a defined time period on your EnergyMarketPrice dashboard.

Client Activity Insights

By gaining near real time insights on customer activity with our tracking and analytics tool, account managers can promptly respond to customer behavior trends and engage with them, reducing sales operational costsand increasing engagement.

“As energy consultants, it's indispensable to follow the evolution of the main energy commodities. EnergyMarketPrice makes this extremely easy, giving us the possibility to have it also integrated on our own website. Well-structured data, adapted to our requirements, ready to be processed."


Energy Analyst at Optima Energia

Every end user is different, which is why we work on your behalf to customize and personalize the software around your specific needs.

Bespoke IT solutions based on your needs

Take our powerful engine as it comes, but don't be limited by it.

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