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UK electricity prices hit record level as Britain's big freeze looms

Britain’s electricity prices have soared to an all-time high with gas also surging to a three-year record ahead of sub-zero temperatures forecast for much of the UK next week.

read more... 13/01/2021


Britain sees greenest year for electricity in 2020

The country was powered coal-free for over 5,147 hours in 2020, compared with 3,666 hours in 2019, National Grid ESO said

read more... 12/01/2021


Britain's wind power capacity could grow by 5 per cent this winter-research

The analysts said 1.3 gigawatts (GW) of new capacity could come online through March next year, which would take total capacity to 25.4 GW, a rise of 5per cent

read more... 22/10/2020


National Grid boss warns Britain risks power blackouts due to a decaying electricity network as he asks Ofgem for right to raise customers' bills

Sheffield is at heightened risk of blackouts, as it is served by just two power lines Should one fail, the city could only rely on the other to provide all of its power National Grid boss John Pettigrew warned older power lines will start to 'decay'

read more... 02/09/2020


Equinor to build hydrogen plant with carbon capture in Britain

Equinor plans to build in Britain a plant to produce hydrogen from natural gas in combination with carbon capture and storage, the Norwegian oil firm said on Wednesday.

read more... 01/07/2020