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Daily (25.02.2021): Carbon EUAs gained 1.2% on Wednesday amid a rising energy market

Crude prices continued to climb on Wednesday, supported by a decline in US oil supply after a historically cold weather hit the country's main oil regions. As a result, Brent crude increased by 2.6% to $67.04 a barrel and WTI oil rose by 2.5% to $63.22 a barrel.

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Daily (18.02.2021): Carbon EUAs dropped by 2% on Wednesday, tracking a weaker energy complex

Crude oil prices resumed their bullish trend on Wednesday, lifted by supply disruptions due to a historic cold spell in the United States. As such, Brent crude ended 1.6% higher at $64.34 a barrel and WTI oil rose by 1.8% to $61.14 a barrel.

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Daily (01.02.2021): EUAs prices slumped by about 3% on Friday as the first auction cleared at a sizeable discount

Crude oil futures evolved differently at the end of a relatively calm week in the crude markets, with gains limited by the still murky outlook for oil demand. Hence, Brent crude rose by 0.6% to $55.88 a barrel on Friday. At the same time. U.S. WTI crude lost 0.3 % to settle at $52.20 a barrel. Both oil benchmarks moved in a narrow range last week, with Brent fluctuating between $55 and $56 a barrel, while WTI between $52 dollars and $53.

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Daily (18.01.2021): Carbon EUAs plummeted by 5% on Friday, following a bearish energy market

Crude oil prices retreated on Friday, weighed by global demand concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic. Hence, Brent crude and WTI oil lost 2.3% to close at $55.10 and $52.36 a barrel, respectively.

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Daily (24.12.2020): Carbon EUAs increased by 2.4% on Wednesday amid hopes for a Brexit conclusion before Christmas

Crude oil prices gained ground on Wednesday, supported by an unexpected drop in US crude and petroleum reserves. Despite limited gains due to the new strain of coronavirus, Brent oil ended 2.2% up at $51.20 a barrel, while WTI crude traded 2.3% higher at $48.12 a barrel.

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