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Hungary brings coal exit forward by five years

The country’s last coal power plant will be shut down in 2025 instead of 2030, Hungary’s secretary of state for EU affairs announced earlier this week.

read more... 05/03/2021


how geothermal could help eastern EU countries ditch fossil fuels

Countries like Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Romania and Croatia sit over the Pannonian basin, which has huge potential for geothermal energy and is over 10°C per kilometre hotter than the European average, making them a prime location for geothermal deployment.

read more... 24/02/2021


Hungary is Ukraine's main gas re-export route

Hungary has been the main destination for gas re-exported from Ukrainian storages since the start of November.

read more... 11/12/2020


EU bank invests €120m to modernise power network in Hungary

The financing will cover the costs of the reinforcement of the electricity supply network, refurbishment of substations, overhead lines and underground cables and the installation of advanced meters

read more... 09/10/2020


Gazprom orders extra transit capacity in Ukraine

Gazprom has boosted its Ukranian gas transit requirements in October, booking additional interstate capacity via auction platforms in Poland and Hungary.

read more... 24/09/2020