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Renewables cover record 44% of Northern Ireland's power demand in 12 months

Renewable energy sources in Northern Ireland met 44% of the country’s total power consumption in the 12 months to June 2019, setting an all-time record, new statistics show.

read more... 09/09/2019


Czech EPH to buy two power plants in Northern Ireland

Czech-based coal mining and energy group EPH will buy two plants, a gas-fired facility in Ballylumford and a coal-fired one in Kilroot.

read more... 24/04/2019


New solar plant powers cheese processing facility

A giant solar farm that is powering a cheese processing facility in Northern Ireland has been launched.

read more... 13/08/2018


Northern Ireland is invited to reduce its carbon intensity

Today, the Northern Ireland Renewables Industry Group (NIRIG) will make public a strategy to decarbonise the country's energy sector by 2050, while pushing economic development and keeping costs at low level for consumers.

read more... 24/04/2018


Electric station in Northern Ireland might close

One of Northern Ireland’s major power stations is likely to close, potentially reducing 270 jobs.

read more... 29/01/2018