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Hungary and Poland plan nuclear to replace coal

Hungary is now the sixth European country to bring forward its coal phaseout plan, announcing that it will shut its last remaining coal plant in 2025. Meanwhile Poland says its first nuclear power unit will be built in Gdansk and the second one probably at the site of its Belchatów coal plant.

read more... 08/03/2021


China to speed up tapping new energy sources, but coal stays in mix

China set a modest five-year growth target on Friday for its nuclear power generation capacity and promised quicker development of alternative energy sources as it seeks to cut its carbon footprint, but left its coal industry largely untouched.

read more... 05/03/2021


French Feb nuclear falls to record low as maintenance season starts early

Average French nuclear generation fell to a record low in February of 45 GW, down 5.5% on the year, grid operator data showed March 1.

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Europe Divided Over The Future Of Nuclear

In Western Europe, nuclear energy is being hit by a political and ideological storm. The refusal to integrate it into the “green investment” label of the European taxonomy was yet another proof of Brussels’ unwillingness to continue the nuclear gamble, and rather prioritize hydrogen, offshore wind, and solar.

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Nuclear faces ‘a lot of uncertainty’ as EU green evaluation looms

The European Commission’s in-house research body, the Joint Research Centre (JRC), is putting the finishing touches to a report about the safe handling of radioactive waste that could be fateful for the future of Europe’s nuclear industry.

read more... 16/02/2021