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Renewables bring 47% of Germany's power in 2020

Germany’s renewable power plants accounted for 47% of Germany’s overall power generation mix in 2020, up from 42.3% a year back, new statistics show.

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Hidroelectrica eyes hydrogen project with Verbund

The project hopes to produce 80,000 t/yr of green hydrogen from renewable generation sources and transport the hydrogen to offtakers in central and western Europe.

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US power generation by renewables exceeded 20% in 2020

Electrical generation by US wind and solar set new records in 2020. In fact, it was 16.7% greater in 2020 than a year earlier, according to a SUN DAY Campaign analysis of new data just released by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

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Naturgy signs an agreement with Gestamp to supply wind energy in Spain

Naturgy has signed an agreement with Gestamp in order to secure the consumption of renewable energy in Spain. The agreement will ensure that from 2022 onwards, all the Group´s productive facilities and R&D centers in Spain will operate with 100% renewable energy.

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European renewable GOO demand up by 8pc in 2020

Cancellation of renewable GOOs in the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) hub increased by 8pc year on year to 735.1TWh in 2020, a record high and up from 332.6TWh in 2015 and 182.4TWh in 2010. Demand continues to outstrip supply, with 761.8TWh of renewable GOOs issued in 2020, up from 649.8TWh in 2019, 367.9TWh in 2015 and 25.5TWh in 2010.

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