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Daily (5.03.2019): Year-ahead power delivery prices in Germany surged by 1.4% on Monday, due to stronger coal and carbon markets

Crude oil prices soared on Monday on hopes that United States and China could reach an agreement to end their trade war. Brent crude rose by 0.9% to 65.67 USD/bbl, while WTI futures climbed by 1.4% to 56.59 USD/bbl.

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Daily (01.02.2019): EU carbon prices plunged by 3.4% on Thursday, amid weaker power prices and ahead of the German auction restart

Oil spot prices were mixed on Thursday. WTI crude declined by 0.8% to settle at 53.79 USD/bbl, on continued concerns over a sluggish global economic growth. Meanwhile, Brent crude rose by 0.4% to close at 61.65 USD/bbl, following data showing a drop in Saudi Arabia’s crude supply to the United States and the recently imposed U.S. sanctions on Venezuelan exports.

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Daily (31.01.2019): British spot gas price tumbled by 1.6% on Wednesday due to an oversupplied system

Oil prices were up on Wednesday after U.S. government data indicated a lower-than-expected rise in crude oil stockpiles. Moreover, U.S. exports sanctions against Venezuelan exports and a decline in gasoline inventories supported prices. Nevertheless, the trade dispute between the United States and China is still weighing on the market. Brent crude rose 0.5% higher to close at 61.65 USD/bbl, while WTI crude surged by 1.7% to settle at 54.23 USD/bbl.

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Daily (07.01.2019): The entire energy complex in a bullish mood on Friday

Oil prices continued to gain momentum on Friday after China declared it would hold trade discussions with the United States. Moreover, China's services sector noticed an expansion in December, according to a survey.

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US oil production is set to soar past 12 million barrels per day

Rising shale production is putting the United States on track to hit the 12 million bpd oil production mark sooner than previously forecast, the Energy Information Administration said in its November Short-Term Energy Outlook.

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