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Russian state holding gives up control of Rosneft after Venezuela exit

Russia’s state holding company Rosneftegaz has relinquished its controlling stake in the country’s largest oil producer, Rosneft, Rosneft said on Friday, after Rosneft’s exit from Venezuela.

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Russia Ready To Seize Control Of The World's Largest Oil Reserves

The Venezuelan government is readying to hand over control over state oil company PDVSA to Russia’s Rosneft, a local newspaper has reported, citing sources from the industry.

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Daily (11.09.2019): A strong rise in European gas and power prices on Tuesday following several bullish news

The abrupt firing of the combative U.S. national security advisor John Bolton raised a softer oil supply outlook, leading to a decline in oil prices on Tuesday. The news spurred speculations that U.S. might head for a potential de-escalation in tensions with Iran and an improved trade with Venezuela. However, gains were capped by earlier assurances of continued output cuts from OPEC and its allies. Consequently, WTI futures fell by 0.8% to 57.40 USD/bbl, while Brent crude edged down by 0.3% to 62.38 USD/bbl.

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Daily (06.05.2019): NBP spot price surged by 1.2% on Friday, due to cooler weather

Oil prices rose slightly on Friday supported by positive U.S. economic data. At the same time, output losses in Iran and Venezuela hit by US sanctions tightened the market. Even if Brent crude edged 0.1% higher at $70.85 a barrel, it nevertheless posted a 1.8% weekly decline.

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Daily (02.05.2019): The German spot power price soared by 49% on Wednesday, on forecasts for cold weather and low wind output

Oil prices declined on Wednesday, after EIA data showed a new record level of oil production since September 2017 and a surge in the crude inventories in the U.S. Brent crude lost 0.9% to trade at $72.18 a barrel, while WTI futures edged 0.5% lower at $.63.60 a barrel. Nevertheless, the losses were limited by the prospect of a weaker oil supply due to increasing unrest in Venezuela and the end of U.S. sanction waivers on countries importing Iranian oil.

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