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Daily (30.07.2020): European CO2 prices rebounded by nearly 2% on Wednesday tracking a stronger auction in Poland.

Crude oil prices inched higher on Wednesday, following an unexpected drop in US crude inventories. Consequently, Brent crude rose by 1.2% to $43.75 a barrel, while WTI futures increased by 0.6% to $41.27 a barrel.

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UK can have "negative-subsidy" offshore wind online in couple of years

The UK’s contracts for difference (CfD) auctions in September 2019 will likely bring the world’s first "negative-subsidy" offshore wind farms, according to a study led by Imperial College London (ICL) researchers.

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Daily (27.07.2020): European CO2 prices dropped by over 3.5% on Friday, due to falling equity markets and weak auction activity.

Oil prices added slight momentum on Friday, supported by Euro zone business activity growth in July. In this context, the International benchmark, Brent crude settled 0.1% higher at $43.34 a barrel. Similarly, WTI crude rose by 0.5%, to settle at $41.29 a barrel, due to a rise in U.S. business activity to a six-month high in July.

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Ireland opens renewables auction

Bidding starts under RESS scheme which has been approved by the EU under state aid rules

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Daily (20.07.2019): European CO2 prices jumped by over 4% on Friday due to a stronger auction

Crude oil prices slipped on Friday, as US reported a record high increase in daily Covid-19 cases, while OPEC+ claimed to add supplies starting from August. In this context, Brent crude edged 0.5% lower at $43.14 a barrel. WTI futures settled 0.4% down at $40.59 a barrel.

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