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Sales of battery-electric vehicles in Germany triple in 2020

Sales of battery-electric vehicles in Germany increased three-fold to more than 194,000 units in 2020, the country's road-traffic regulator said on Wednesday, citing the appeal of a more diversified product offering and of more reliable technology.

read more... 07/01/2021


InterGen gets green light for ‘UK’s largest’ battery project in Essex

The £200m project is expected to provide at least 320MW of capacity, with the potential to expand to 1.3GWh

read more... 30/11/2020


Siemens, Deutsche Bahn launch local hydrogen trains trial

The prototype, to be built by Siemens, is based on electric railcar Mireo Plus which will be equipped with fuel cells to turn hydrogen and oxygen into electricity on board, and with a battery

read more... 23/11/2020


‘UK’s largest battery’ plugged into Balancing Mechanism

Flexitricity has begun optimising Gresham House’s 50MW battery in South Yorkshire

read more... 04/11/2020


UK companies call on government to support nuclear in COVID recovery

Nuclear - including advanced and small modular reactors - can play a positive role in helping to rebuild the post-COVID economy while also helping combat climate change, Urenco and U-Battery Ltd have said in a submission to the UK Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Select Committee inquiry on post-pandemic economic growth.

read more... 15/10/2020