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European biogas production could double by 2030

Biogas and biomethane production in Europe could double by 2030 and more than quadruple by 2050, according to the European Biogas Association (EBA).

read more... 29/01/2021


Biomethane injected – for the first time – into the Irish gas grid

The project will initially supply enough biomethane to reduce Ireland’s CO2 annual emissions by 7,200 tonnes

read more... 29/06/2020


Biogas from Organic Waste could Cover 20% of World Gas Fuel Demand

Energy produced from organic waste could cover a fifth of global gas fuel demand in the form of low-carbon biogas and biomethane, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

read more... 24/03/2020


Spain's Aragon signs agreement for renewable gas projects

The government of Spain's Aragon autonomous community announced on Monday it has signed an agreement with local company Enagas to develop renewable hydrogen, biogas and biomethane projects.

read more... 30/10/2018