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Geothermal energy projects in the US receive $46m boost

A total of 17 projects in the US are receiving up to a total of $46 million (£33m) in funding for domestic, carbon-free geothermal energy, with the potential to supply power to homes across the country.

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Daily (25.02.2021): Carbon EUAs gained 1.2% on Wednesday amid a rising energy market

Crude prices continued to climb on Wednesday, supported by a decline in US oil supply after a historically cold weather hit the country's main oil regions. As a result, Brent crude increased by 2.6% to $67.04 a barrel and WTI oil rose by 2.5% to $63.22 a barrel.

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Daily (19.02.2021): UK gas prices surged on Thursday amid diminishing storage levels, supportive technical indicators and stronger carbon prices

Oil prices retreated on Thursday, ending three sessions of increases, despite a larger than expected drop in crude stocks in the United States. The decline came amid speculation that OPEC+ may discuss an increase in production at their meeting early next month. Hence, Brent crude lost 41 cents, or 0.6%, to settle at $63.93 a barrel. U.S. WTI crude fell by 62 cents, or 1%, to settle at $60.52 a barrel.

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Daily (18.02.2021): Carbon EUAs dropped by 2% on Wednesday, tracking a weaker energy complex

Crude oil prices resumed their bullish trend on Wednesday, lifted by supply disruptions due to a historic cold spell in the United States. As such, Brent crude ended 1.6% higher at $64.34 a barrel and WTI oil rose by 1.8% to $61.14 a barrel.

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EU eyes two-thirds renewable gas by 2050

The consultation, which will run until 10 March, is part of a hydrogen and gas markets "decarbonisation" package, a proposal for which is expected by the end of June.

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