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China Must Close Coal Power Plants By 2045 To Meet Climate Goal

China must shut down by 2045 at the latest all coal power plants operating without carbon capture if Beijing is to meet its goal to become “carbon neutral” by 2060, researchers said on Thursday.

read more... 11/12/2020


Uniper to shut down German hard-coal power plants by 2025

Uniper aims to close most of its German hard coal-fired power plants over the next five years, accounting for half its European coal capacity, the utility said on Thursday.

read more... 31/01/2020


France to close Havre coal power plant in April 2021

France’s 580 megawatt (MW) Havre coal power plant will close on April 1, 2021, the energy ministry said on Friday.

read more... 14/01/2020


EU coal power plants incurred €6.6 billion losses in 2019, study reveals

"Coal is no longer a profitable business. This is partly due to rising fuel costs, but also increasingly fierce competition from renewable energies. Low gas prices, in particular, are putting the coal business under pressure," Sriya Sundaresan, one of the study's authors, told EURACTIV.

read more... 28/10/2019


Dutch Government demands early closure of coal power plant to cut emissions

The Dutch Government has demanded the closure of a 650MW coal-fired power plant four years earlier than initially planned.

read more... 11/03/2019