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Daily (31.12.2019): New Year’s Eve saw a strong bearish evolution in forward energy prices

Crude oil evolved differently on Monday, but held near three-month high on Monday, spurred by declining U.S. crude inventories and hopes for an expected China-U.S. deal. However, intensified geopolitical risk following U.S. air strikes in Iraq and Syria gave the commodity a boost.

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9 Traits of Highly Effective Energy Consultants [Infographic]

Procuring energy and managing related risks presents businesses with unique challenges unlike any other goods or services they purchase. Besides, energy commodity prices can be extremely volatile. They can go up and down and are susceptible to unpredictable price increases. They’re also governed by a complex set of rules and inter-relationships.

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Kazakhstan will get from Vitol up to $5 billion for oil deals

Commodity trader Vitol has increased its export prepayment loans to state oil companies in Kazakhstan to US$5 billion, reinforcing its position in extracting Kazakh oil at a moment when the production of the central Asian nation might grow, as reported by Financial Times on Monday.

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What are Non Commodity Costs and How They Affect Your Business

Compared to previous years, we can see that the wholesale electricity market in the UK is low. More specifically, average wholesale electricity prices for the past 5 years have fallen more than 14%, with the strongest downturn from 2013 to the end of 2016, when prices declined more than 23%.

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PIRA Energy Group to be acquired by S&P Global Platts

S&P Global Platts, a leading commodity price reporting agency, unveiled on Thursday it had agreed to acquire PIRA Energy Group, a leader in global energy market analysis.

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