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Kazakhstan achieves biggest oil extraction in its history

Kazakhstan achieved the biggest oil production in its history during 2018, with 90 million tons, governmental sources said on February 8. In 2017, crude oil output amounted to 86.2 million tons.

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Total will extract gas at Azerbaijani Absheron field in early 2020

Gas extraction on the first gas well of Azerbaijan's Absheron gas field in Caspian Sea will start at the beginning of 2020, as stated by development operator Total at a public hearing on Project’s environmental impact report in Baku on February 20.

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Shale gas extraction - one of the least clean energy ways to generate power

According to a new report from The University of Manchester, shale gas fracking is considered one of the least sustainable ways to produce electricity. Among the nine forms of power generation, fracking is ranked on the seventh place.

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Extraction of extra 900 million barrels of oil is possible from the vast UKCS fields

A huge amount of oil could be pulled out from a certain number of massive oil fields in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS).

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UK wishes to revive gas extraction in oldest region of North Sea oil basin

UK's Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) published on Thursday an eight-step program for oil companies with phases to follow to discover the southern North Sea gas deposits difficult cu reach, where drilling for fossil fuels began over 50 years ago.

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