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Nuclear still UK’s main low-carbon power source

Official statistics confirm nuclear as the largest source of low-carbon electricity in the UK, contributing 20.8% of all electricity generated last year, which was broadly stable on 2016 when it accounted for 21.1%.

read more... 27/07/2018


EU approves Czech aid for low-carbon refueling network

The Czech Republic obtained the EU approval for the plans to develop a network of refueling and recharging stations for low-carbon vehicles, as these are in line with the state aid regulations.

read more... 21/08/2017


EEA says EU countries have poor strategies for change to low-carbon economy

The European Environment Agency (EEA) declared in a new study that most of the European Union countries fail to provide clear investments strategies for shifting to a low-carbon economy.

read more... 07/07/2017


Scotland makes an investment of £43 million in low carbon infrastructure

The Scottish Government has made known about an investment of over £43 million in low-carbon infrastructure projects.

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UK: Offshore wind power subventions likely to fall below nuclear

Subsidy costs for British offshore wind farms might drop below those of new nuclear plants in next month's government auction, German company Siemens' Britain's government is under pressure to bring down consumers' power costs at the same time as supporting low-carbon generation to aid satisfy its carbon emission reduction goals and plug a forthcoming supply gap.

read more... 13/03/2017