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Almost all German parties open for ending coal well before 2038

Nearly all parties expecting to gain seats in Germany's parliament are open to completing the country's coal exit well before the official 2038 end date. At a debate event hosted by civil society group Klima-Allianz (Climate Alliance), senior politicians of all parties in parliament except the far-right AfD signalled they would consider a much earlier phase-out if conditions were right or even actively work towards achieving it.

read more... 26/08/2021


One coal unit at Britain's Ratcliffe power plant to close next year

One unit at Uniper’s 2 gigawatt Ratfcliffe coal plant in Britain will close next year, two years ahead of the full shut down of the facility, the company said on Wednesday.

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Hard coal needed to keep German lights on

German electricity generation volumes from hard coal rose by more than a third in the first six months of 2021, showing the energy source plays a vital role in keeping the lights on, importers group VDKi said on Wednesday.

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China to release more than 10 million tonnes of coal from reserves

China will release more than 10 million tonnes of coal from state reserves to ensure steady supply to the market, the state planner said in a statement on Thursday.

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Asia's new coal plant plans jeopardise climate targets

Five Asian countries are responsible for 80% of new coal power plants planned around the world, the Carbon Tracker group said on Wednesday, saying most would prove uneconomical and the new plants would put international climate goals out of reach.

read more... 30/06/2021