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EU expected to sue Germany over gas tariff

The European Commission is expected to sue Germany for charging its neighbours an extra fee for buying gas from its storage, seen as flouting the EU's single market rules, two sources familiar with the matter said.

read more... 18/04/2024


Italy plans to become EU gas hub by 2027

Italy plans to become a gas hub for EU neighbours within three years by harnessing energy from North Africa amid the current geopolitical turmoil threatening supply, said energy minister Pichetto Fratin on Tuesday.

read more... 17/04/2024


Dutch Senate delays Groningen gas field shutdown

The Dutch Senate has postponed a vote on a law to close permanently the Groningen gas field, angering the government that has said production would never resume because of the risk of earthquakes.

read more... 04/04/2024


Europe Makes It To the Other Side of Winter With Record Levels of Natural Gas

Europe has managed to make it through this winter season with record levels of natural gas in storage, setting it up to head into next winter on solid ground.

read more... 03/04/2024


Global natural gas investments to reach almost $9 trillion by 2050

The Gas Exporting Countries Forum's (2050) forecast report projects that global natural gas investments will total almost $9 trillion by 2050, with $8.2 trillion directed toward the upstream sector and $0.74 trillion for the midstream sector.

read more... 22/03/2024