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EU proposes extending energy crisis measure to curb gas demand

The European Commission on Monday proposed extending for a year an emergency measure to curb gas demand that is set to expire in order to help the continent get through next winter.

read more... 21/03/2023


The EU Moves Toward Forming A Natural Gas Buyers’ Cartel

The European Union will make its first move as a buyers’ group on the international gas market next month as it launches the first tender for suppliers.

read more... 07/03/2023


EU plans to extend gas consumption reduction targets

The EU is planning to extend its gas consumption reduction measures into next winter, the bloc’s energy ministers said on Tuesday (28 February), to replenish stocks.

read more... 02/03/2023


EU bans Russians from booking gas storage

The EU has banned Russian nationals and companies from booking capacity in the bloc's natural gas storage facilities in its latest sanctions to pressure Russia to end its war in Ukraine.

read more... 01/03/2023


Healthy gas storage warms Europe, but not enough

As Europe emerges from a mild winter with gas storage close to record levels, it must brace for another costly race to replenish its reserves on the international market.

read more... 23/02/2023