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G7 mulls options to restrict Russian oil profits

The Group of Seven (G7) wealthy nations is looking at blocking the transportation of Russian oil among other options to deprive Moscow of bumper revenues amid its invasion of Ukraine, unless it heeds a price cap.

read more... 03/08/2022


Brent oil stalls as market weighs supply disruption, recession fear

Brent oil prices were little changed on Tuesday, reversing earlier gains of $1, as investors weighted supply concerns, highlighted by a potential production cut in Norway, and worries about a possible global recession curtailing fuel demand.

read more... 05/07/2022


TotalEnergies to give fuel discounts at French motorways stations

TotalEnergies, under pressure from the French government to do more to help consumers tackle higher energy costs, on Thursday announced discounts on pump prices at French motorway petrol stations.

read more... 30/06/2022


EU publishes sixth sanctions package, including oil import restrictions

The EU published details of its sixth sanctions package against Russia June 3, including phasing out Russian crude imports in 6 months, and other refined products in 8 months.

read more... 06/06/2022


OPEC Considers Suspending Russia From Oil Deal

Some OPEC members are mulling over the possibility of suspending Russia from the OPEC+ deal that limits the amount of crude oil that each member can produce, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, citing OPEC delegates.

read more... 02/06/2022