EnergyMarketPrice provides individual market intelligence reports for 30+ countries worldwide. Reports provide a synthetic analysis of the oil, gas, coal and power markets, with regularly updated market data.

Energy Market Reports

Overview on the latest market trends for Oil, Gas,
Power, Coal & CO2

In-depth overview on the liberalization level of the energy market in multiple countries, including the most recent price evolutions and statistics.

A set of data and charts over the current organization and market trends is provided, as well as key energy facts such as main actors, production and consumption data. 

Legislation, taxes, charges, for Power & Gas by country

Weekly Energy Market Review

Insights on the energy market landscape by country

Energy Statistics

The Weekly Energy Market Report is an in-depth analysis report giving you an overview on the latest trends in the energy markets, including price evolutions by commodity and by country during the last week, including short term forecasts.

The total cost of an energy contract has different items. Next to the wholesale energy costs, the are other
Non-Commodity elements. 

Non-commodity costs are made up of obligatory charges and levies from third parties. They range from the cost of delivering the electricity to the meter, to renewable energy schemes.

Gain access to an in-depth explanation on the structure of non-commodity costs and tariffs.

Non-Commodity Costs Reports

Non Commodity Costs

Weekly Energy
Market Review

Energy Statistics