Manage flexible and fixed energy contracts,

from a single site to large baskets of contracts and sites

Hedge Reporting

Power and Gas contracts are automatically updated with the latest energy market data, with detailed price granularity and position tracking history

A better way to manage your power & gas contracts with enhanced capabilities

Easy Setup

No downloads - the module is cloud based, reports including the key elements of each supply contract or site managed are easily shareable

Automatic Reporting

European Coverage

Maximized efficiency and automated data management

  • Multi-Country/Site
  • Multi-Currency

Non-Commodity charges visualization, including optional UK market automatic calculation based on site electricity metering data details (MPAN)

Is it the right tool for you?

Whether you're a Major Energy User, an Energy Consultancy or a Utility, our energy management software has you covered

Evaluate the positions against key figures, such as forecasted budgets, open and fixed volumes, performance against the energy market 


Position Tracking

Key Numbers

Full visibility on the positions purchased and market trades impacting each site or contract, including "What if" scenario capability

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