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Oil Market

Access and download electric power market data for spot and forward prices across Europe and other world regions.

Natural Gas

Access and download spot and forward prices (FOB and CIF) for the main coal hubs, including ARA, Richards Bay and Henry Hub.


Access and download spot and forward prices for carbon market data (CO2 certificates) including EUA and CER prices.

European weekly market update report on the main energy products: natural gas, oil, power, coal and carbon.

Access global oil spot and forward prices (M+1, Q+1, Y+1), including crude benchmarks as Brent and WTI, Heavy Fuel and Gasoil.

Natural Gas spot and forward prices (M+1, Q+1, Y+1) in Europe and US. All main hubs supported, including TTF, NBP, ZEE, NCG, PSV.

Dr. Rolf Kettner
[Global Category Manager Energy]

Luis Colasante

[Group Energy Manager & Head of Economic Research]


Anna Mundet
[Energy Analyst]
Optima Energia

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