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Poland: Energa wishes to stop purchasing renewable power certificates

According to Polish Energa calculations, an amount of around 110 million zlotys ($31.20 million) could be saved next year if it cancelled long-term contracts which were signed for purchasing certificates that displayed some of its power was produced from renewable sources.

read more... 12/09/2017


Statoil: Sanctions are not an obstacle for the oilfield agreement with Rosneft

Norway’s Statoil declared that the deal with Russia’s Rosneft aiming to develop the onshore North Komsomolskoye oilfield was according to the European Union and U.S. sanctions on Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.

read more... 08/09/2017


Brexit could increase electricity bills by departing from energy efficiency

The withdrawal of energy efficiency standards for household appliances and lightbulbs, which are currently considered to be the most efficient according to EU standards, could cause a £90-raise in the electricity bill per year.

read more... 28/08/2017


UK oil imports could be halved if a “stronger” EV target was fixed

According to a new study, if a “stronger” goal for electric vehicles was fixed, the UK’s oil imports might be halved.

read more... 25/08/2017


Daily (17.08.2017): Oil prices fell more than 1% on Wednesday amid gasoline inventories decline

Oil prices were volatile on Wednesday, even though U.S. crude inventories dropped for a 7-th consecutive week to their lowest level since January 2016, according to latest EIA data. However, gasoline inventories did not decline as expected, and the data also showed that U.S. domestic crude output rose adding to global oversupply. On the demand side, analysts see a gradual slowdown in fuel consumption growth.

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