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UK government announces plan to close coal plants

One of the UK’s eight remaining coal power stations is likely to stop producing power this year, according to a statement made by the government. The UK representatives laid out new regulations that will oblige all the plants to close by 2025.

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German RWE restructures its gas, coal production business

German firm RWE AG has reorganized its gas, hard coal, hydroelectric power and biomass generation businesses to merge within its subsidiary RWE Generation.

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Daily (04.12.2017): Power prices on the forwards curve rose along the gains in oil, carbon and coal markets

Oil prices edged higher on Friday, moving toward 2½-year peaks after two dozen crude-producing countries decided to reduce their output through the end of 2018.

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Spanish government opposes coal phase-out

The Spanish authorities are against the decision taken by Iberdrola, the most important electricity provider, to close two coal-fired power sites. This vision is contrary to the Paris Agreement on climate change.

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Poland aims to develop renewables and shake off coal-dependency stereotypes

Poland has been continuously enhancing its share of green energies with the aim to decarbonize its economy, challenging stereotypes that describe it as the coal-dependent on Europe. Nevertheless, the development of renewable technologies looks to have reduced since the 2015 peak.

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