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In 2018, Gazprom plans to invest $3.2 billion in TurkStream

Russian major gas firm Gazprom plans to fund an amount of 182.4 billion roubles ($3.2 billion) this year in TurkStream natural gas pipeline project.

read more... 16/01/2018


EU averted about “lost decade” for renewables due to declining costs

The cost of generating electricity from renewable energies is on the path to attain new lows on the globe, according to projections by the International Renewable Energy Association (IRENA).

read more... 15/01/2018


Siemens Gamesa will deliver turbines for 500MW offshore wind project

Siemens Gamesa plans to offer its latest 8MW turbines to a French offshore wind project.

read more... 12/01/2018


Russia approves construction of world’s first floating nuclear plant

Russian Building Standards Watchdog, Glavgosexpertiza, authorized the construction of the first global floating nuclear power plant (FNPP) project.

read more... 11/01/2018


Canada invests £41.9 million in British solar

A Canadian renewable energy company inked a £41.9 million refinancing agreement with German bank BayernLB for several solar projects in UK.

read more... 03/01/2018