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TenneT to invest up to €5bn a year

Dutch/German transmission system operator TenneT expects to increase its investment level to €4bn to €5bn annually in the coming years, as a result of the phase out of coal and nuclear power plants and the growth of offshore wind energy.

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Nearly $640 bln coal investments undercut by cheap renewables - research

Nearly $640 billion of investment in coal power capacity worldwide is at risk because it is cheaper to generate electricity from new renewables, research by think tank Carbon Tracker Initiative showed on Thursday.

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COAL OUTLOOK – Prices slump to 4-year lows

European coal prices fell to near four-year lows in early Monday trading as plunging oil prices exacerbated existing pressure from a weak gas market, sluggish demand and ample supply.

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Bosnian region to add 1,000 MW of renewables to trim carbon footprint

Bosnia’s autonomous Serb Republic aims to add 1,000 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy sources by 2029 at a cost of 11.5 billion Bosnian marka ($6.7 billion) to smooth its transition from coal, its energy minister said.

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RO coal and power group CEO plans 310MW PV parks

Romanian coal and power complex CE Oltenia plans to achieve the restructuring and decarbonisation targets, among others, by developing four photovoltaic (PV) parks, to be located on contaminated land such as the areas currently used to store sludge and ash produced by its thermal power plants, and a tailings dump, where residues from the coal mining operations are deposited, reported.

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