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Northern Ireland-Scotland electricity link proposed

A transmission licence application has been made in Northern Ireland (NI) for a proposed new electricity interconnector, which aims to connect NI and Scotland around the end of the decade.

read more... 30/05/2023


MEPs warn against “panicky” changes to power markets

Several European Parliament members warned against making panicky changes to the EU’s power markets in their first formal debate on Tuesday on the European Commission’s redesign proposals.

read more... 25/05/2023


German energy regulator to study power grid returns

Germany's federal network regulator plans to study the permitted returns on infrastructure for power networks through to 2029 to take account of inflation and expansion plans by grid operators to accommodate renewable energies.

read more... 24/05/2023


Germany to earmark 4 bln euros annually for power subsidy - economy minister

Germany plans to earmark around 4 billion euros ($4.40 billion) annually to subsidize electricity prices for energy-intensive industries, to support an industrial move away from fossil fuels and discourage firms from moving offshore.

read more... 23/05/2023


Key lawmaker wants revenue cap in EU electricity market reform

The European Parliament’s lead negotiator on the EU’s power market reform has sparked concern by proposing the return of a controversial revenue cap for power generators with cheap production costs, like renewables and nuclear.

read more... 18/05/2023