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What’s next for EU power market

The EU’s latest electricity market reforms will shortly enter into law but the ongoing dramatic transformation of Europe’s electricity system means that these reforms may be one building block in a much wider policy revolution.

read more... 19/04/2024


Poland to raise cap on power prices, cut subsidies costs

The maximum power price for Polish households will be set at 500 zlotys ($123) per megawatt-hour (MWh) for the second half of 2024, according to a draft bill posted on the government's website late on Tuesday, up from 412 zlotys per MWh currently.

read more... 18/04/2024


Europe is not meeting its cross-border grid connection goals

As EU energy ministers meet in Brussels to discuss grid expansion, the EU electricity market watchdog ACER warned on Friday (12 April) that Europe’s key grid connections are not sufficiently dedicated to electricity trading between neighbouring countries.

read more... 16/04/2024


European Parliament adopts ‘patchwork’ power market reform

The EU’s overhaul of the power market design, sparked by the 2022 energy crisis, was approved by Parliament, paving the way for new price stablisation rules to become law.

read more... 12/04/2024


France on track to smash clean electricity export record in 2024

France has boosted electricity exports by 500% during the first quarter of 2024 from the same period in 2023, and is forecast to lift net electricity exports to a new record for the full year, according to data from Energy Charts and LSEG.

read more... 11/04/2024