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Tesla granted electricity generation licence in the UK

The electric car manufacturer and technology firm hopes to develop virtual power plants in the UK and in other countries using its ‘Autobidder’ real-time trading and control platform

read more... 24/06/2020


Poland issues grid connection terms to Baltica 1

PGE's 896MW offshore wind farm is one of three the Polish company is developing in the Baltic Sea

read more... 10/06/2020


UK’s power system emissions hit all-time low and wholesale power prices go negative

The two records were set over the weekend as renewable energy generation soared, coinciding with continued low demand due to the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

read more... 27/05/2020


Ofgem cuts cost of Hinkley Point C grid link by £60 million

The move will save UK consumers money on their bills over the 45-year cost period.

read more... 25/05/2020


EU day-ahead hours dip to negative prices for Monday

Day-ahead power in several European markets dropped to negative prices for the early hours of Monday, with Belgium seeing the lowest price of EUR -4.98/MWh amid healthy wind output and low demand.

read more... 11/05/2020