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how geothermal could help eastern EU countries ditch fossil fuels

Countries like Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Romania and Croatia sit over the Pannonian basin, which has huge potential for geothermal energy and is over 10°C per kilometre hotter than the European average, making them a prime location for geothermal deployment.

read more... 24/02/2021


No EU funds for fossil-fuelled vehicles and power

Guidance issued today on national economic programmes financed under a €672.5bn EU recovery and resilience facility stated that conventional scrappage schemes — replacing internal combustion engine (ICE) cars with more efficient ICE models — are not compliant.

read more... 15/02/2021


UK power sector CO2 hits 14-month high

The carbon intensity of the UK power sector reached its highest level in over a year in January, as rising demand coincided with low wind production and restricted nuclear capacity to boost fossil-fuel generation.

read more... 04/02/2021


EU foreign ministers to push for global fossil fuel phase-out

European Union foreign ministers will promote a global phase out of fossil fuels and reaffirm commitments to finance climate adaptation measures at a meeting on Monday (25 January).

read more... 25/01/2021


Energy majors re-route LNG supplies from Europe to Asia

Global energy majors including Royal Dutch Shell and Total are expected to benefit most from January’s gas price spike, beating rival trading houses and non-integrated producers thanks to their access to multiple sources of the fuel.

read more... 20/01/2021