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Daily (07.12.2018): Crude prices down by around 3% on Thursday, ahead of the final decision on OPEC supply cuts

Oil prices were strongly bearish on Thursday, as the OPEC meeting in Vienna ended without an announcement of a decision to reduce crude supply. Brent crude price plunged by 2.5% to $60.06 a barrel. WTI crude lost 2.7% to $51.49 a barrel. OPEC and its allies are likely to discuss today about the terms of supply cuts in order to support the market.

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Daily (05.12.2018): NBP spot price dropped by 3.3% on Tuesday due to warmer weather and oversupply

Oil prices gained further momentum on Tuesday, on expectations for supply shortages, a subject to be discussed at the meeting between the OPEC and Russia in Vienna on the 6th of December. Brent crude price traded 0.6% higher at $62.08 a barrel. At the same time, the cut in Canadian production in the efforts to help OPEC limit oversupply also boosted prices. WTI crude surged by 0.6% at $53.25 a barrel.

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Daily (30.11.2018): WTI crude rose 2.3% on Thursday ahead of the G-20 summit

Oil crude prices jumped on Thursday, on positive expectations that the G-20 meeting would help global economy and would lead to a rise in demand. Brent crude price traded 1.3% up at $59.51 a barrel. At the same time, WTI crude surged 2.3% to $51.45 a barrel.

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German coal commission to recommend delaying closures to 2022: report

Germany's coal commission may recommend delaying a first wave of coal plant closures to 2022 rather than 2020, German financial daily Handelsblatt reports based on a leaked draft following Thursday's meeting of the commission.

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Saudi Arabia, Russia discussing possible oil-production cuts

Saudi Arabia's energy minister said Sunday that the kingdom will reduce exports by about 500,000 barrels a day from November to December. Khalid al-Falih made the comment at a meeting of oil producers in Abu Dhabi.

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