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Daily (14.05.2019): NBP day-ahead price tumbled by 8.1% on Monday, due to milder weather forecasts

Crude oil prices lost ground on Monday, as China-US trade negotiations escalated further, and China claims to impose higher tariffs on a range of U.S. goods. Investors fear that the trade war can intesify and cause disturbances in global economy. As a result, Brent crude edged 0.6% lower to $70.23 a barrel, while WTI futures traded 1% lower at $61.04 a barrel.

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Daily (13.05.2019): EU carbon prices fell by 3.4% on Friday, amidst bearish technical indicators and weak auction demand

Increased hopes for a trade deal between US and China pushed Brent crude price 0.3% higher to $70.62 a barrel on Friday. However, WTI futures was almost constant at $61.66 a barrel.

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Daily (10.05.2019): NBP spot soared by 10.8% on Thursday, due to lower Norwegian flows

Oil prices slightly diverged on Thursday, as investors were uncertain about the outcome of the still unsettled U.S.-China trade dispute. Brent crude was almost flat at $70.39 a barrel. WTI futures lost 0.7% to close at $61.70 a barrel.

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Daily (09.05.2019): WTI futures rose by 1.2% on Wednesday, due to an unexpected drawdown in U.S. crude stockpiles

Despite worries over the U.S.-Chinese trade negotiations, crude oil prices added ground on Wednesday due to a surprise drawdown in U.S. crude stockpiles. Brent crude edged 0.7% higher at $70.37 a barrel, while WTI futures traded 1.2% up at $62.12 a barrel.

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Daily (08.05.2019): EUAs rebounded by over 4% on Tuesday, on expectations for a tighter market

Oil prices lost ground on Tuesday, due to returning concerns over global growth raised by ongoing complications in the U.S.-China trade talks. Expectations for rising U.S. crude production and stockpiles put more pressure on prices. Consequently, the Brent crude price dropped by 1.9% to $69.88 a barrel.

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